Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ruffled Minky Blanket Tutorial

My baby girl is turning 1 tomorrow.
Can you believe it has already been a year? 
Sniff sniff.  I can't believe it. 
She loves ANYTHING minky.
So I decided to make her another minky blanket to add to her collection of soft and fluffy snugglers
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I will say, I think this one is the cutest ;)

I love the ruffle trim and binding. It made it that much fluffier, and I am all about the fluff!

So here is how I did it.

I started out with a 
32"x40" Piece of Minky
32"x40" Piece of cotton fabric
and (7) 5"x44" strips of cotton fabric for the ruffle
 1.  Sew the (7) strips for the ruffle together end to end, to make one really long strip. Finish the edges with either pinking shears, a serger, or a zig zag stitch.
 Oooh, one really long strip!
 2.  Fold the strip in half, longways, wrong sides together, and press.
 Now you will have one really long stripe, with right sides showing on both sides.

Next we are going to the ruffle the strip. If you have a ruffle foot, do your thing.
If you are like me and your ruffle foot gives you grief, you can ruffle the strip the old fashion way.

 3. Set your stitch length to the longest stitch and sew all the way along the raw edges of your strip. Do not sew along the folded edge of the strip. Do not backstitch.
 *I actually stitched this in sections, so it would be easier to ruffle each section separately, than to try and feed the ruffle down the entire strip.

4. Next you take one end of the threads that are hanging and pull just one of the threads while holding onto your strip with the other hand.

 It will start to ruffle.  Then feed that ruffle down the strip, until the entire thing is ruffly. This can take a while. Don't fret.  This is why I did mine in sections.

 Ruffles galore! You may need to adjust the length of your ruffles so they are long enough to go around your entire blanket.

5. Lay your minky piece and your cotton square right sides together.  Make sure they are the same size and match up perfectly.
 6.  Now take your extremely long ruffly strip and lay it in between the two squares, all around the quilt, all 4 sides. It will be sandwiched between as we sew.
 See the sandwich?
 Now PIN PIN PIN!  Anyone will tell you that the  trick to sewing with minky is to PIN PIN PIN!!!
Pin around the entire quilt, every inch or so. Your ruffle will be inside.
 7.  Next we are going to sew around the entire quilt.  I use a zig zag stitch for minky because it helps with stretching, but you can use whatever stitch you prefer.
 8. Sew all the way around, but be sure to leave a little opening to turn the quilt ride sides out again.
 9. Turn the quilt right sides out and it should look like this!  So perty!
 Now close up that opening, and make sure your ruffle is securely placed between the outside two layers as your sew up the hole.  And then continue that straight stitch all the way around the blanket.

Here is the back of the finished product!
 and the front!

 Love me those fluffy ruffles.
Yup, I just made up a word!

Good luck on your next project, whatever it may be!
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And Happy Birthday to my sweet little Ivy Jane.


Unknown said...


This is absolutely adorable. Makes me long for another baby to sew one for. Sigh. Thanks for sharing. Love all your stuff.



daniKate designs said...

Love the fluffles, and the soon-to-be-birthday girl is too cute!

fialka012 said...


Laura said...

This is precious~! Can you tell me the name of both fabrics? I love them!

Birdie said...

Agree with Laura, please tell us about your fabrics!! This is a cute simple project, I'm new to sewing and I think with your excellent instructions I can probably pull it off. Thanks!!

angie said...

Hi Ladies!

Here is what i used for the main print: http://www.thelittlefabricshop.com/Products/garden-damask-in-green-tea.aspx

And I used this one for the ruffle: http://www.thelittlefabricshop.com/Products/vintage-ironwork-in-coral.aspx

Happy Sewing!

Unknown said...

Hi, how do you finish the ruffles to connect them? Do you hem the ends and just leave them unconnected? Like the long strip? Thanks!

angie said...

Erika, Sorry I totally forgot to add that step! I just slipped one end into the other, folded over the showing end to make it look nice, and sewed a straight stitch down the end. I am sure there is an easy or better way to do it, but that is what worked for me!


Unknown said...

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks!

Nel said...

I can't wait to make my own now!!! I love blankets and I have a soon to be 1 year old - thanks for the great instructions!

Mama Mia said...

Love this blanket, but have to know where you got your fabric. I've been searching for this exact pattern, both actually, for my little girl's nursery.

angie said...

Mama Mia,

You can actually find the Secret Garden Collection in our shop here: http://www.thelittlefabricshop.com/Products.aspx?Search=secret+garden

Anna Nelson said...

Your blanket is adorable! I used your tutorial to make my own blanket! Thanks for the tutorial! Here's mine:

Unknown said...

What seam allowance did you use?

Unknown said...

Extremely cute! I am making one for my friends baby shower. Almost done, just wondering why after you flip the blanket right sides out do you sew completely around the whole thing again?

dpaulson512 said...

Definitely going to try this one. Always been afraid of making something with a ruffle AND minky, but will try this!

Susan said...

I LOVE this! You've made it super simple with your detailed step-by-step tutorial. I've pinned this post to Pinterest! Thanks so much for sharing :)

jack!e @ One Saturday Morning said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial! I am doing one on my blog and linking up to this tutorial!! So cute! www.onesaturdaymorning.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Hi thanks for the tutorial but one question how did you join the ends of the ruffle ?
Thanks Tamera

Unknown said...

Any suggestions for ruffling the strip? My stitch and string I'm pulling on keep breaking.

Desi Chase said...

I made a blanket using your method last night and it came out great! I love this technique! I will definitely keep using this!

Tasty Destination said...

So nice. I absolutely love this idea. Thank you so much for sharing. dressmaking fabric

ReDEBsign said...

When you pre washed the minky fabric was it really messy in the washer?

lteezie said...

Thanks for the idea! I whipped up something motivated by this over the last couple of evenings for a friend's unborn baby. I used two coordinating cotton fabrics and added a layer of flannel rather than batting. I didn't have any minky on hand, so just used some of what I had. The results are wonderful! I just know both Mom and baby will love it.

the mackadoozie stitchery said...

How did you finish the ruffle binding? I know about attaching it to the blanket but I'm not sure how to finish the ruffle so it looks continuous and not split. Any help would be great. Thanks!

Unknown said...

How much fabric did you buy for the ruffle?

Unknown said...

How much fabric did you buy for the ruffle?

Theminky Blanket said...

The print of this baby blanket is very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Ashlee Rolfson said...

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Barbara Nimmo said...

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