Friday, December 23, 2011

My favorite gift this year is knowing that I already have my greatest wish.

From my family to yours

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Fabric Friday

Can you believe I had this post all ready on Friday and forgot to hit "post"!

It must be all the hustle and bustle of the season making me lose my mind!
So without further introduction, here is what's new!

Get Together by David Walker
 In blues...
 and pinks!
So cute it's ridiculous, huh? 

 Half Moon Modern by Moda

These colors are too die for!
The Chevron prints are amazing!

And so are the large polka dots!

 And scissors....more ridiculously cute fabric!

Robot Factory by Caleb Gray

So great for a little spaceman!

So there you go, that the latest and greatest news from the shop. And in case I don't make it back on here before next weekend (which let's face it, is probably true)

Have a great HOLIDAY!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Easy Toddler Skirt Tutorial

Better late than never, right?

Here is the tutorial I promised!

I made 2 little skirts in about 30 minutes.
Easy peasy!

I have a thing for little scottie dogs. 
They melt my heart.

So here is what I did.

1. I cut about a 1/2 yard of the red scottie dogs for the main of the bigger skirt.
And then I cut 8" of the houndstooth.

You can lengthen, or shorten the pieces as needed.

I folded the houndstooth in half and ironed it down.
I left the fabric 44/45" Wide.

Then I sewed the two pieces together. The bottom of the skirt is already finished at this point because the fold is along the bottom, and two raw edges are sewn to the bottom of the scottie dog fabric.
Making sense, good.

Next I turned the skirt the other way and lined the ends up, and sewed the two ends together.

Then you should have a huge circle.

Now if you're fancy you can serge your edges.
But me, I am all about the pinking shears.
Or you can zig zag stitch your edges.

Okay, this it what it should look like now, one big circle.

Next, the casing for the elastic. 
At this point I actually trimmed off a few inches at the top of the scottie dogs because it was going to be a little bit too long for my 3 year old.  So If I were you, I would hold it up to your little model at this point and check the length.

Then I folded the top of the skirt under 1/2", ironed it down.
Then I folded that part over again another 1/2" and ironed it down. 
All the way around the top of the skirt.

Now, stitch around the bottom edge of the fold overs you just made. But don't stitch around the entire thing, be sure to leave about a 3" opening to feed the elastic through.

Now, cut a piece of elastic about 2" shorter than the measurement of your little ladies' waste.
Take a safety pin (I have a ginormous one) and use it to feed your elastic through the casing.

After you feed it all the way through, hold on to both ends of the elastic and sew them together.
Then try it on your little lady make any adjustments to the waistband size as needed.
Once it is a good fit, sew the 3" opening shut.

Ta Dah!
 For my littlest lady I just cut all my pieces down to her size.
You can always take a skirt out of their closet and get measurements from it.

She approves!

I wish I had a fabulous family photo of us all with Santa that took place later in the day, but wouldn't you know my 3 year old was scared to pieces and wouldn't go near him.

Oh well, maybe next year.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift Certificates


The story goes like this.

You are a super awesome crafty gal.

And you have a friend.

You want to make her something fabulous for Christmas, but there is one problem:

She is crafty too!  So most likely she has already made the same thing, or close to it, that you want to make for her!

We now offer Gift Certificates to the shop online.

Just click HERE, select the amount you would like, and viola!
The Gift Certificate will be emailed to you shortly.
You can forward it onto your friend, or print it out and give it to them yourself!
It's that easy!
No lines, no mess in your sewing room.

They never expire!  So shop on ladies!

Gift Certificates are available in $5.00 increments.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Fun

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

It's just about 9 am here and I have already been out shopping and home.

I normally don't do Black Friday, but $70 off a baby bounceroo at Babysrus was enticing enough for even me.

Well worth it.

For all of us that prefer shopping from the comfort of our pajamas today, here is a little something for you!

15% off your entire order!

Use code


during checkout starting today and good through Cyber Monday!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Skirts for my Little Ladies

Believe it or not, I found a few spare moments the other day to sew!
And in those few spare moments, some cute little skirts were created.

Ever since Oops a Daisy by MoMo arrived this little skirt has been planned.
I am so glad it has finally come to life.

My girls will be matchy-matchy at Thanksgiving this year.

In case you haven't noticed....Scottie Dogs are taking over the fashion world.
Or at least it seems as I walk through the little girl's section of every store.
These cute little pups are everywhere! And it just so happens that we carry two adorable Scottie Dog prints HERE in the shop. I couldn't resist the houndstooth trim. It was too perfect. (found here)
I am finishing up the tutorial for the Scottie Dog skirts, and will  post it next week!
They were easy. Like, 2 skirts in 30 minutes easy!

My little gals are wearing the Scottie dog skirts to Tea Time with Santa this Saturday afternoon. I have high hopes of getting a perfect photo  of my three rascals and Santa, and if I do I will certainly share it with you. But most likely someone will be picking their nose, one will be crying, and the other will refuse to smile. I am sure it will be priceless.

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday everyone!

Our offices will close on Wednesday for the rest of the week and then we will resume shipping on Monday November 28th.

Be sure to check back Friday for a little holiday treat!

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Fabric Friday!

I am alive. I promise.

You know how crazy life gets toward the end of the year. 
Throw in a new baby, 2 toddlers, and back to back surgeries and you will understand my lack of blogging.

Okay, now lets get down to business,

and to some super cute prints!

Daisy Cottage from Riley Blake Designs is here!
My 3 year old daughter literally squealed when she saw it come out of the box!
Love the vintage phones!

And the cottages!

And the chandeliers!
Okay, I love them.

We also have precuts for the Daisy Cottage collection HERE.

Also new in the shop is

Pear Tree by Thomas Knauer for Andover Fabrics
Thomas is new to Andover and this is his first fabric collection.
Just wait until you see his upcoming collections, they are just as exquisite!

"Partridge in a Pear Tree"?
Too soon for Christmas songs?
That's okay, the fabric is even better than a song!
I know those little birds make my heart sing!

I have been working on some darling little skirts for my girls and hope to share them with you all next week.

Don't forget to check back next week....

Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be awesome!

Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for your continued support of The Little Fabric Shop!

Friday, October 21, 2011

New Fabric Friday!

Okay, first things first.
I have been MIA the past few weeks, but I have a good reason.
It looks like my Thyroid Cancer decided to come back for round 2.
Last Thursday I went in for another surgery to remove some cancerous bumps in my neck.
I will spare you the after photos, as they are a little scary.  They cut me up pretty good all around my neck, I am channeling "Bride of Frankenstein" over here.
Halloween costume...check!

I am doing well, and ready to get back to work :)

So here is What's New this week!

 Owls in Bermuda are back in stock.
Just in time for Fall!

And also just in time for the Autumn season,

 Fox Trails from Riley Blake Designs

Doohikey Designs has done it again!  These furry little forest friends are sure to warm your heart!

We also have in the 5"x5" Squares, and 10"x10" Squares for Fox Trails!

And we FINALLY received our 5"x5" and 10"x10" Squares for Indian Summer as well!
I know some of you have been waiting very patiently.
Ready, set, QUILT!

Exciting News!!!

We are proud to introduce STUDIO E FABRICS into the shop!

The first collection we have added from their fabulous company...

The colors in this collection are so vibrant. I love them!

Especially this Lacey Stripe print...LOVE!

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