Tuesday, August 9, 2016

All Snuggled Up for the Olympics

* I've missed you all over the past few months.
Thank you so much for your continued support of my little shop. 
We have cleared out about 1/2 of our inventory and still of thousands of yards for sale in our shop, only $6/yard!

Now on to the Olympics!

Have you all been watching? We LOVE the olympics over here, in fact we are obsessed!

We were so excited to break out the Olympic Flag Quilt that I made for the last olympic games in 2014!

I was a little hesitant at first, as I keep that baby all wrapped up and secured at the top of the linen closet, safe from all sticky fingers and Cheeto hands! But it was made to be enjoyed, so I took a leap of faith!

 My kids seriously love it. They love to look for the flags of the athletes when they are competing. And this kid just loves anything laid out on the floor for him. 

Did you know that we have a FREE tutorial here on the Blog for the flag blocks?

You can find it HERE.

Go check it out and get started on your quilt. Maybe you are quick seamstress and could finish your quilt before these 2016 Olympics are over. Or maybe you are little bit more like me and you'll have yours finished for the 2018.....2020 Olympics. Either way let's get cracking!

The tutorial isn't perfect, but it is a great start. I guess and eyeballed and prayed on a lot of the blocks.   I'm sure that system will work for you too. Haha!

Happy sewing, and Happy Olympics!

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