Friday, May 15, 2015

Our "Wish I Were At Market" SALE!

The International Quilt Market is happening as we speak in Minneapolis, and I am not there.
I am home in Idaho enjoy my new little sweetie, and a beautiful overcast day. 

Even though I am sad that I'm not walking around market, meeting with reps, gazing at gorgeous new fabric, and rubbing shoulders with talented designers....I can still have a little fun...and so can you!

See! Here I am pretending to be at Sample Spree!
Good times.

But really, let's make this weekend awesome even though we aren't at Market.
Let's SHOP!

And nothing makes shopping more fun than a SALE!

 Take 20% off 
your entire order starting now and going through Sunday May 17th with code 



So that means all Art Gallery..


and Blend Prints!

Everything is on Sale!!!!

So head on over to the SHOP and snatch up your current wishlist!

Happy sewing!

Friday, May 8, 2015

New Fabric Friday

Hi all!  I have two GORGEOUS collections to show you today!
These collections are both from different manufacturers, by different designers, and yet their colors coordinate beautifully.  

First, is Natural Wonder by Josephine Kimberling for Blend Fabrics

These two prints are absolutely gorgeous!

 I love the mix of modern prints and vintage colors.

Next up,

Fantasia by Sara Lawson for Art Gallery Fabrics

Hello Unicorn lovers! I dare you to find a little girl who wouldn't die for these prints!

 That's it for this week!

To all you wonderful ladies out there....have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Go ahead and take 10% off your entire order with code


through Mother's Day, Sunday May 10th.


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