Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Minnie Mouse Applique Tutorial

Pin ItWe have a little trip to the "Happiest Place On Earth" coming up.
I am just as excited as the kids.
I'm probably MORE excited!

I wanted to get them a cute little Disney sweatshirt to wear around on the cool mornings and evenings, but I am just a "simple" girl, and I like things simple.
Sometimes Disney has a tenancy to "overdue" the Disneyness on a shirt and it looks like Disneyland threw up on it.
*cough*    Tacky    *cough*

So I took matters into my own hands.

I started with a plain hot pink sweatshirt from Walmart, $4.00

I grabbed a sheet of black felt too, $0.33.

Then you will need some Heat & Bond
I googled "Mickey Mouse" and found my template.

Then I traced it onto the Heat & Bond, and cut it out leaving a little bit around all the edges.
You NEED to leave a little bit, trust me.

Then I ironed the Mickey Mouse on the black felt. And Carefully cut out the design with some really sharp scissors.

(Sorry for the horrendous lighting in this pic, eeeek!)
Then I peeled off the backing to the Heat & Bond, and ironed it onto to my sweatshirt.

Time to get sewing.
I used a Zig Zag stitch, but a regular stitch would work fine too!

Sew all the way around the applique.

At this point I felt like something was missing.
How about a Super Girly Touch, a bow!

I folded the ribbon,
Took a needle and thread and sewed 2 stitches from the top of the bow, to the bottom of the bow,
and then pulled the thread to cinch it up.
I had to use a few more stitches to keep the bow from un-cinching,
and then I sewed it on the Mickey Minnie.

She loved it!

Since it was so easy I decided to add one to the hood as well,
you know, for good measure.

Disney here we come!

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Friday, February 17, 2012

New Fabric Friday

I have a special love for anything patriotic.
My entire home was once red white and blue themed.

That said, 
You might as well assume that I have already saved me some of this yummy new collection!
I am so greedy :) 

New from My Mind's Eye and Riley Blake Designs...

It is beautiful.
It almost makes me want to break out into song,

"Land that I love.."

But I will spare you, good thing you can't hear me :)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the words prints!

And not to worry, we have all the precuts too!

I want to just keep it all for myself.
But since you are all so fabulous, I guess I will share ;)

 We also recieved these lovelys from Riley Blake this week.

 I am thinking pillows for my family room.

And keeping with the very patriotic theme this week, we also have one of my favorite summer prints back in stock!

I am still loving the skirt I made for my little lady with that print.

Oh Summer, hurry up.
We are ready.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


In case you missed the announcement yesterday on Facebook....

There is a GIVEAWAY going on RIGHT NOW over at

You could win a $25 Gift Certificate to


Think of the possibilities....

You could get this,

Or this,

or some of this!
Or maybe even some of these adorable bunnies for Easter!

I could go on and on!

But that would be wasting precious time...

Head on over to Diary of a Quilter and enter to win!
Right now!

The giveaway ends Friday!

Good luck ladies!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A little bit of sunshine

Sometimes in the middle winter, I need a little summer.
A little bit of sunshine.
Pin ItI think at some point we all do!

My kitchen was a little drab and dreary so I decided to add some serious color.
I found this adorable little dresser at it was love at first sight!

The insides are old.
The entire thing is old antique.
 I decided that the inside of the drawers deserved to be just as pretty as the outside.
 Oh dear. Choosing the fabric was a daunting task.
The Prince Charming collection has just the perfect colors,
 but I finally settled on the
Thank you Joel Dewberry!

I cut a piece the size of the inside of the drawer. Laid it inside the drawer, and traced the design of the top two drawers onto it and then cut it out.

 Then I grabbed my best friend....

And did a little painting. Not too much, just enough to make it sticky.
 I started at one end and just added a bit more Mod Podge little by little as I rolled out the fabric.
This helped me to ensure a smooth fit.
Ahh, so much better.

Does your Winter need a little sunshine?

Might I suggest a few collections sure to brighten your day:

Heirloom by Joel Dewberry

Impressions by Ty Pennington
Just Wing It from Moda

Modern Affair by Pat Bravo

I hope these collections brighten your day!

Have a great weekend everyone.
Full of sunshine and sewing!

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