Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Project Nursery- Contoured Changing Pad Cover

I really wanted a pink minky cover for my changing table, but guess what....
totally hard to find one!
So I decided to take matters into my own hands, and make one!

I went to Joanns and used a coupon to get this minky fabric for only $5.99/yard.

I grabbed my old cover and started measuring.

Here is what I cut:
2 rectangles 17"x7" (for the sides)
1 rectangle 31"32" (for the main body)
Here are the 2 sides, 17"x7"

Because the pad is contoured, I needed to make a little arch in the end pieces.
I folded the pieces in half,
and measured in about 1.5" at the fold,
and snipped all the way across, making a slant to the end.
When you open it up, it looks like this!
I laid all my pieces out like this,
and centered the end pieces along the 31" sides of the main body piece.
Then I snipped the main body piece along the arch on the side piece to match.

Now, it was time to break out the pins.
(pins make sewing with minky A LOT easier)
Pin the side pieces to the main body piece, and curve the main body piece up around the ends of the side pieces. 
This way it will form the box look the cover needs.
Sew all the way around, and repeat on the other side.

Now it is time for the elastic, I used 1/4" inch because that is what I had.
You really could use any size you want.

To make the casing for the elastic,
I folded down about 1/2" of the raw edge...

and then folded that down again, another 1/2".
and then sewed right along the edge.
I didn't use pins for this part.  I just turned as I sewed.
It was tricky, and there were LOTS of puckers.
Don't worry about them though, you won't even notice them.

I sewed all the way around the cover and left about a 5" opening so I could feed the elastic through.

I pinned a very large safety pin the elastic and started feeding it through the casing.
I didn't measure the elastic before hand, I just guessed, and then once it was fed through I gently placed it over my changing pad to see how tight I needed it to be and trimmed it from there.
Then I sewed the two ends of the elastic together.

And sewed my 5" opening shut.
Ta dah!
It worked!

I have to tell you, I was actually pretty surprised. Sewing with Minky fabric isn't easy, and I was totally guessing on just about everything!
Here is what the underneath looked like.
Like I said, LOTS of puckers, but they are underneath and no one will ever see them!

Good luck on any project you are working on.
Hopefully this little tutorial makes sense!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Prince Charming

You know how the story goes....

She finds a frog, and kisses him, and he turns into Prince Charming.

Well, in this case you don't need to kiss any frogs to get your hands on some of these charmings!

Click any image to go shopping :)

This print has a hidden frog in it. I love it!

They are all just so cute and charming, and are available for immediate loving in the shop. 

Next week will have in stock our first Organic collection:

The Good Life Collection from Robert Kaufman Fabrics

and also,
Just Dandy from Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Lola's Posies from Riley Blake Designs

So if you are feeling sad on Tuesday because the holiday weekend will be over, head on over to the shop for some retail therapy.

It always works for me :)
Just ask my husband!

**Reminder: We won't be shipping on Monday, May 30 due to the Memorial Day Holiday***
Shipping will resume Tuesday

Have a great weekend all!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Project Nursery- Easy Baby Blanket

When I say easy....I mean SUPER easy!

This blanket probably took about 10 minutes, and I LOVE IT!

This was my first project that included a Ric Rac trim, and I was a little nervous, but like I said, it was easy!

(1) I started with 1 yard of fabric for the top, and 1 yard for the bottom.

I know this might sound crazy, as I own a fabric store, but I bought these prints at Ikea. Those little Hippos stole my heart and I couldn't leave the store without them! 
Confessions of a Fabric-a-holic!

(2) I sandwiched some batting in between the layers and sent it off to be quilted.  You don't have to have it quilted, but that was look I was going for. I told the quilter to be sure to leave about a 2" border  un-quilted so I could insert the ric rac.

(3) When I got it back, I rounded the corners by just laying a plate on the corners and cutting around it.

(4) Then I used my iron to press about 1" of the layers' raw edges, top and bottom,  to the inside of the of blanket, all the way around.
 (5) Next I just took some Ric Rac and sandwiched it between the top and bottom and sewed it in, half showing.  I didn't even pin it, it was that easy :)

My color palette of choice always seems to be a little drab and plain, so this blanket is just the right amount of fun and color for me!  It matches my nursery colors and I can't wait to lay my little sweetie on it a few weeks!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Back!

Okay, I got back from Quilt Market on Sunday but things have been a little bit crazy over here!

This was my first Market and I loved it! Sadly though, I was only able to attend just 1 DAY due to labor pains. Super bad timing, I know!

And can you even believe I didn't take ONE picture!  
I know, shame on me again. 

But I was able to order up all sorts of gorgeous fabric that will be arriving in the next few months. 
So exciting!

While I was gone, we did receive some great new prints for the shop as well!

In Aqua and Lime
 I love them both!


  It is never to early to get going on those Christmas projects!

I will leave you with two of my favorite new collections from Market that should be arriving in the next month or two from Michael Miller Fabrics. 

(Images from Sarah Jane Studios Blog)


(Images from Crazy Old Ladies Blog)

I can't wait to get in both of these great new collections!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sherbet Pips is here!

This long awaited and anticipated collection is finally in the shop!

Get your favorites while they last!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I call my mother once a day.
I am just that needy, and she is just that wonderful. 

I made this sign with my Silhouette Machine and it is currently hanging in the nursery.

There may be a few days in the future when I am in that room and need a little reassurance.
You would think that with baby #3 I would be a pro...but who doesn't need their mother from time to time?

Send your Mom some love this weekend!

Happy Mother's Day all you mothers and future mothers!

SAVE 10% on your order at http://www.thelittlefabricshop.com/

with the code:


Sale through Sunday night!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sew Cherry & Project Nursery

Sew Cherry from Riley Blake Designs is here!

In Red and Pink

Green and Yellow

and Blue and Brown
 Are they not perfect for summer?
I am thinking picnic quilt!

We also just "Picked-Up" these cute prints from Robert Kaufman Fabrics.
(I am so witty)

Sew Cute!


As I mentioned before......We are going to be adding another little girl to our family this summer!
I can't wait.
I have already finished the nursery and occasionally I find myself sitting in there just soaking it up.
I want to share with you a few projects I have been working on for the room,

So, without further adieu....

Project Nursery

Perhaps you remember my first nursery project that I showed you a month ago.
I didn't create a tutorial for the bumper pad, but here are few links for great tutorials that I followed:
I was terrified to create my own tutorial for it.  Maybe next time ;)

 For the quilt though, I did take some pictures along the way and here is what I did!
 1- I cut out 48 5"x5" squares out of some of favorite prints from the shop.
2-Then I cut some 5"x1.5" white strips to sew in between each square.

 3. I sewed all 8 rows, and then added a longer (however wide the quilt is) 1.5" white strip in between in each row. And a strip running down each side.
 If I knew how to quilt on my own sewing machine, that would be awesome.
But I don't, so I sent it away to the quilters!
I backed it with Amy Butler's Full Moon Polka Dot in Lime.
I just LOVE how it turned out!
I just might wrap myself up in it. (Darn, I should have made it bigger)

Over the next few weeks I will post the other projects and mini tutorials for them. 
So stay tuned for more from...
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