Monday, May 23, 2011

Project Nursery- Easy Baby Blanket

When I say easy....I mean SUPER easy!

This blanket probably took about 10 minutes, and I LOVE IT!

This was my first project that included a Ric Rac trim, and I was a little nervous, but like I said, it was easy!

(1) I started with 1 yard of fabric for the top, and 1 yard for the bottom.

I know this might sound crazy, as I own a fabric store, but I bought these prints at Ikea. Those little Hippos stole my heart and I couldn't leave the store without them! 
Confessions of a Fabric-a-holic!

(2) I sandwiched some batting in between the layers and sent it off to be quilted.  You don't have to have it quilted, but that was look I was going for. I told the quilter to be sure to leave about a 2" border  un-quilted so I could insert the ric rac.

(3) When I got it back, I rounded the corners by just laying a plate on the corners and cutting around it.

(4) Then I used my iron to press about 1" of the layers' raw edges, top and bottom,  to the inside of the of blanket, all the way around.
 (5) Next I just took some Ric Rac and sandwiched it between the top and bottom and sewed it in, half showing.  I didn't even pin it, it was that easy :)

My color palette of choice always seems to be a little drab and plain, so this blanket is just the right amount of fun and color for me!  It matches my nursery colors and I can't wait to lay my little sweetie on it a few weeks!


Asher's Mom said...

That is really cute. I have a question where do you find people to quilt your blankets??

angie said...

*Asher's Mom: You can try your local fabric store or quilt shop and ask them, they usually have a few people. Or, you can simply try your phonebook and look under "Quilting". Hopefully that helps! Good luck ;)

dana said...

Very cute3! I will give it a try!

Keeping it Real said...

Great idea! This would be a great way to practice free motion quilting too.

kerstin said...


cooler said...

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Great idea.Its looking nice to making blanket for nursery babies by fabric.

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