Wednesday, September 27, 2017


I am so excited to announce that for a limited time we are offering

On all U.S orders!

No code necessary!
Just find your favorites, add them to your cart at our amazing wholesale price and then viola! 
They will show up on your doorstep a few days later for FREE! 

Grab some Halloween prints for decorative pillows or throws,
(Halloween Quilt Tutorial HERE)

 or some Christmas prints and get a head start on that holiday sewing.

(Christmas quilt HERE)

Or GRAB BOTH because shipping cost is not an issue anymore! 

We still have hundreds of prints that need to find a new home before we close up shop for good.
Feel free to email me with any questions.

Happy Sewing! 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Kids Camping Patches FREE PRINTABLE

It's that magical time of year..... CAMPING SEASON!

I wanted to share with you all an idea I came up with to help keep my kids happy and helping while on our last camping trip.

Here is what you need:
*1/4 yard fabric for each sash
* White Card Stock Paper
*FREE Patches Printables (see below)
*Stapler & Scissors

I just took that 1/4 yard piece of fabric with the raw edge (it was a last minute idea so I didn't have time to finish the edges, but you totally could), and folded it in half right sides together and sewed it into a ring. I used solid colors from the Smore Fabric Collection HERE

Then I printed off some cute and fun badges that the kids could work on at the campsite and through our trip. 

Keep scrolling to find the FREE BADGE PRINTABLE

I had fishing, first aid, pancake eating, good sleeper, campfire safety, hot dog roasting, tent sleeping, squirrel and deer sighting, arts and crafts and so on!  I even threw in some funny ones, like the puking award (which my oldest got) and the crying baby badge (which my youngest earned over and over again)!


Seriously, they worked so hard and wanted to earn all the badges. I had a few extra badges for being a good helper and they were all in competition to earn those!

(Don't worry about child #4, he was just upset he didn't earn his fire safety patch)

And did I mention they looked adorable doing it!!! 
I was DYING over their cuteness!

When the kids earned a patch, I cut it out of the card stock and then stapled it onto their sash. 
Super easy and convenient. I mean, who takes their sewing machine camping?? 

We are getting ready to head out on another trip and you better believe I have my Smore Quilt all packed up and ready to go! It is seriously my favorite quilt!   

It goes everywhere with us! 

We still have tons of prints available in this adorable line, found HERE!
And remember, all the prints in the shop are 50% off and only $6/yard!

So grab yourself some darling fabric and print these patches out and you all are set!
Remember these are just for personal use ;) Just right-click the image and save it to your computer. Print it full page size. 

Here are some ideas of what I would use these patches for, but you could really be creative and customize them to your activities. These are geared towards my littles.

Row 1: Wilderpoop Patch, Craft Patch, Rowing, Tree Recognition
Row 2: Bee Sting, Dutch Oven Cooking, Archery, Canoeing 
Row 3: Happy Smile Photo Patch, Shivering Patch, Know Your Direction Patch, Help Cook Patch
Row3: Marshmallow Patch, WilderPee Patch, Exercise Patch, Life Saver Patch 
Row 4: Eating Pizza Patch, Swimming, Hiking with a Backpack, Squirrel Sighting

Row 1: Injury Patch, Rock Climbing, Play a Game, Helper Patch
Row 2: Tent Sleeping, Camp Cleanup, Good Hiker, Good Listener Patch
Row 3: Sick Camper Patch, Clean Campsite Patch, Deer Sighting, Bug Bite Patch
Row 4: Babysitting Patch, Hot Dog Roaster, Owl Sighting, Pancake Patch
Row 5: Cryer Patch, Ice Cream, Star Gazer, Rainy Camp Patch

This page below is kind of personalized for our Yellowstone Trip this week, but feel free to use them too!

Row 1: Bear Sighting Patch, Sleep Under the Stars, Bug Collection Patch, Buffalo Sighting
Row 2: Good Behavior in Yellowstone, Cleanest Shoes, Scavenger Hunt Patch, Tough Camper
Row 3: Bottle Washing, Choose the Right Patch, Troublemaker, Snoring Patch
Row 4 : Fishing, Bird Sighting, Smokey Sign Sighting, Eagle Sighting Patch
Row 5: Good Helper Patch, Smore Patch, No Shower Patch, No Whining Patch

Friday, April 7, 2017

Finish off a bolt for only $5/Yard!

First, let me thank all of you from the bottom of my little heart for your continued support of our shop

I wish I could give each one of you a hug, but I can't, so how about a little savings instead! 

On top of our amazing sale, if you purchase all that we have left of a print, and finish off the bolt, you can have that entire selection for only $5/yard!

All you need to do is add the remaining inventory listed for that print into your cart, and upon checkout write the phrase  TAKEITALL in the message box during checkout (so me and my crazy mind can remember) and I will refund your savings back to your original form of payment upon shipping.  As long as you finish off the bolt (*1 yard or greater) you get it all for just $5/ yard! 

I am so excited to see so many of these!

Each product has the remaining inventory listed next to the photo, as shown in the photo below. Just add it all to your cart and you can have it for $5/yard. No worries if you don't want all of it, you still get the amazing price of $6/yard. If there are any discrepancies in the the inventory when I fill your order, I will contact you and make sure the quantity will work. 

*To qualify the print must have more than 1 yard listed available. Anything smaller than 1 yard is considered a remnant and not included in the Take It All Sale. Knit is also excluded. 

 So you can get the 2 yards left of Tweetie for only $10!

And the 2.75 yards left of Lottie Da Dauphine for only $13.75

 1.75 yards left of Nomad Aztec for only $8.75

And the 2.5 yards of Stripes Main in Red for only $12.50

I could go on and on! We still have hundreds of gorgeous designer prints in the shop looking for a new home! Help me clear out my shop so I can spend more time with my little people. 

Thank you as always, and Happy Sewing.


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