Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Easy Christmas Gift

My kids are getting a Play Kitchen for Christmas

Hush Hush

I do believe that I am more excited for it than they will be. I decided that it would need some accessories.

I found this tutorial for the Apron, and made some modifications.

I decided that there is no way my 3 year old could tie a bow behind him, so the strap comes around the back and Velcros to the side of the apron. Easier for him and ME!

The neck strap also Velcros, in case he somehow gets it wrapped around his neck- Which I'm sure will never happen, right?

And how can you cook up something fun without Oven Mitts! I used this tutorial, on a smaller scale of course.

So if your kids have a play kitchen set, or Santa is bringing them one too, here is an easy gift that can be accomplished in one naptime.

Apron Fabric: Lively Letters- Found Here
Apron Trim-Red Cheery Circles- Found Here

I promise to have pictures of my kids' quilts soon. They are taking me WAY longer than expected! I am not so good at quilting.

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Karla said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!

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