Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Berry Sweet Tweets!

We got in some "Berry Sweet Tweets" this week.

So sweet in fact, that I just might have to drop everything I am doing and get started on this bag right away.

It's pretty much adorable.

And this sweet quilt pattern is next on my list.

Now that summer is finally here, I do believe I better get started on this pattern too!

Good grief, I just don't have time for all these sweet projects!

And now for the "Tweets" that arrived this week....

Tufted Tweets by Laurie Wisbrun.
The Orchid Colorway
The Sorbet Colorway
The Grass Colorway

12 Prints in all.

So many cute projects, sew little time!

All these patterns and prints are listed in the shop, ready for enjoying.

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

I need to come see you, I'm suffering withdrawls from my lack of fabric shopping! :)

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