Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Scrappy Owl

The first Blizzard of the season hit us this week. 
3 days of school cancellations
Whiteout conditions
and lots of cabin fever!

I saw this tutorial over at U Create and thought it would be a great and easy craft to use up some scraps and pass some stormy time.
 These little guys have become my kids' best friends. They have toted them around everywhere for two days.

 I let them pick out every piece of fabric that they wanted and they even sat on my lap and helped me sew them.

"Watch this Mom!"
With a neckbrace and all.....impressive.

I love that my kids are as easily entertained as I am.
Love it!

So if you find yourself snowed in this weekend, perhaps you can make a scrappy friend too!

Have a Great Thanksgiving everyone!


If you are one of "those" people who love to shop on Black Friday

(I am not, it scares me too much)

You may want to check back here on Friday for a little treat!

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