Monday, January 27, 2014

Olympic Flag Quilt + Tutorial!

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Well, I did it.

This quilt has been something I have been dreaming of making for years, 
and I finally had the guts to attempt it. 

 I kind of LOVE IT!

First you should know, that our family LOVES the Olympics!
We actually consider Bob Costas part of the family. 

I think the Olympics are absolutely beautiful. They always give me hope of World Peace. 
And let's be honest, they are just ridiculously exciting to watch!

This year as we watch the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, we will snuggle up with our Olympic Flag Quilt and cheer on Team USA!  I am excited for my kids to learn the flags of the different countries while we watch. 

They are all so beautiful!

 I'll be the first to admit that this quilt is not "perfect".
I believe I made 4 different South Africa blocks and finally settled with this one. It's not perfect, but I love it just the same. 

For a few of the flags, Like Mexico, I used fabric iron transfers for the images. Worked like a charm.

There was a bit of applique,

(Good thing I majored in math like 100 years ago)

 So, have I convinced you to make one for yourself? 

Good! Let's get started!

<----------------------------------Hit Read More for the tutorial             

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Fabric Friday

As you can tell by my absence the past few weeks, I had a great holiday! 

But now it is back to business.  And speaking of Holidays.......
New in the SHOP this week: 

These banners are terrific. 
Let me tell you an easy trick on how to make the cutest & easiest bunting banner ever!

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1. Choose your Holiday Banner, and some fabric for backing.
Each Banner Set comes with 18 Triangle Penants, at approximately 24"x44/45", so you will 3/4 yard of your backing fabric. 
Each Triangle is about 7.5" across the top, and sides measure 10". The perfect size!


Luckily Riley Blake has provided some seriously cute coordinating prints for banner backing. 



 2. Now, sandwich some thin batting between your banner fabric and the backing. Right sides out on the front and back. 


3. Now, pin throughout so you won't have any wrinkles, or puckering. You want it to lay flat.
4. Next you will sew along the inside edge of each triangle, making each triangle it's own inside triangle...hope this is making sense. 


 5. Now, simply cut out each triangle, just along the outside edge of the triangle and your pennants are ready to string up however you please.  The batting will give them form, and the backing is already on there and you only had to cut out each triangle once!

Awesome trick, Huh?


 I hope to make one this week and then post a tutorial with pictures for you all.

I plan on making one for each holiday, they are just too cute, and too easy!

Just click on any picture and you will be directed to the shop where you can find all these banners for you to grab hold of!

Have a great weekend!

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