Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another Birthday Project

I am little late getting this posted,

okay, okay

a LOT late!

Summer is a busy time around here, as I am sure it is in your households. But boy are we loving it!

I wanted to make my little man a birthday sign, and I had seen so many cute one's done out of paper, that I thought fabric would be adorable too.

And it was!

I had a fabulous plan to hang it on his new swingset outside, but that darn winter weather that we were experiencing here (in june) didn't agree with me. We found a spot for it though.

♣I used all scraps. They didn't all match, but that was the fun of it!
♣I ironed some stiff interfacing to the back of the scraps, and then used my pinking shears to cut out the triangles.
♣I ironed on the letters, and didn't plan on stitching around them, but the white fabric was a little transparent and needed a little help. It still looked cute.
♣ Then I sewed some ric rac across the tops to string them together, and viola!
It is now folded up nicely in my closet waiting for his next birthday! I can't wait to make my daughter one for her upcoming special day!

1 comment:

Lynn, Julia and Eliza Grace said...

I made one for my little girl's first birthday and loved it so much that it now hangs in her bathroom year-round! Very cute!

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