Sunday, July 25, 2010

My First

This was weeks/almost months in the making.

But I finally did it.

I made my first quilt!

Thank you, thank you.
(as I'm sure you are all cheering for me)

And what's even more unbeleivable is that there weren't any tears shed in the process.
there may have been a few tears when I was laying it all out on the floor, and had all the squares where I wanted them, and my daughter came blowing in the room like a tornado and accidentally rearranged them all.
A few tears, and a near beating, and all is well.

I have always really loved the Whimsy line by Fig Tree, so I based the quilt around those few prints of that line that I have. I love that the blocks are somewhat random and don't really have to match at all. Some were even scraps that I had!

Let me tell you though, sewing ric rac to be 1/2 showing is quite a skill. I may have sewn and unpicked that a few times.

I already have a plan for my next quilt!
I loved this one.
Quilting is not as intimidating as I once thought it was.

And Camille does a fabulous job explaining the steps in her patterns.
This is the one I used, and it is available in the shop.
Don't let quilting scare you. It really is a lot of fun!


Karla said...

Love it!! I think I need one done in Bee's or Halloween or Christmas fabric to use in the family room.

taggdarci said...

Wow, it looks fantastic!! Great job, love the colors in it!

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