Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I just spent my entire afternoon marking down all these fabulous collections for you all!

That is just  how much I love you :)

Click on any image to take you directly to that collection in the shop!

Bloom and Grow- $7.00 per yard

Wheels $7.25 per yard

Boo to You $7.00 per yard

 Colorful Christmas $7.00 per yard

 Domestic Diva $7.00 per yard

Felicity $7.50 per yard

Love Birds $7.50 per yard

Nantucket Summer $7.00 per yard

Quite Contrary $7.50 per yard

Summer Song $7.00 per yard

Fruitcake $7.00 per yard

Saltbox Harvest $7.50 per yard

Tweet Tweet $7.00 per yard

Sunny Daze $7.50 per yard

Sweet Divinity $7.50 per yard
Once these prints are gone, they are gone.  Most have been discontinued and can't be reordered. 

And along with these awesome sale prices, I do have a bit of bad news.

Well, not really bad news, as sad news :(

As most of you are aware there is currently a cotton crisis, which has pushed the price of cotton up.
You know, supply and demand (wow that takes me back to college)

Anyways, to keep up with the current price increase of cotton, we will also have to raise our prices a little. 
Most new collections will start at around $8.50-$9.00 per yard. 

I still pledge to keep our prices low, and will still be below the manufacture suggested retail price.
Again, that is how much I love you guys!
Can you feel the love today!

All current prices in the shop will remain the same. So head on over and snatch up all these great deals before they are gone!

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