Thursday, February 3, 2011


This week I have been working on a few Round Projects. 

#1 Pie Pillow

Remember when I finished my Tufted Tweets Quilt?  I had a few scraps left over and thought a little pillow would look great next to the quilt.

I cut out 12 pieces, about 4" wide and 9" long.

And sewed them together.  Then I laid my finished circle on the fabric I chose for the back of the pillow and traced a back piece.

Then I cut a 5" x the circumference of the circle piece and sewed it along the edges, right sides together.
I sewed the back onto the trim piece, and left an opening to stuff the pillow. 
I added a green button to the center and viola!  I love how it looks on the couch with the quilt.
HERE you can find the Tufted Tweets Collection in the shop!
But beware, it is super cute!

Round Project #2
Fabric Topiary Trees

I started with two Styrofoam balls, in different sizes.
Chose some cute Bliss Fabric, and cut a bunch of 2.5" strips.

 I used the hot glue gun to secure my twisted strips to the balls.  I used the same technique as making rosette flowers, and just glued them to the ball. It is very time consuming, but they turned out super cute!
 (oh yeah, the balls were sitting in bowls to keep them from rolling away from me.)

I painted some pots, grabbed some wood dowels, and of course, added a few rosettes. They are just what I needed for that spot.

And now,

Round Project #3
I have been working on this one the longest.
After fighting (and winning) cancer the last few years, I am so excited to welcome this long awaited and anticipated addition to our family. 

Some days I am so excited, and some days really apprehensive about having 3 children and being outnumbered!

At least I have a few more months to prepare :)

Prepare yourselves that once I find out what this sweet little bundle of joy is going to be, you can expect LOTS of baby projects. 

But those are the cutest, right :)


Jessica said...

Congratlations!! I'm expecting our second little girl in June so I'm working onmy own really round project. Am really enjoying seeing these fun fabric ideas!!

biblechik said...

You have the cutest blog and the cutest fabric shop! love these great ideas!
Praise the Lord that you've not healed past the cancer but also have been blessed with another baby. I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!
I'm very excited to have found your store and your blog. I've been looking for a way to buy some unique prints online. Wahoo! :)
-Jessica L said...

congratulations!!! I'm so excited for ya! And I'm sure you'll do fine with 3!!!

Tiffany said...

Well those are some super fun Round projects to have worked on! In quite jealous of what you've accomplished. :) love the pillow, will be making some of those flowers and as for the baby, I guess im making one of those too. Lol!
You're so cute Angie! Contests on winning your battle with cancer and on your new baby! xoxo

Tiffany said...

Congrats is what I meant to say! Not contests! Stupid auto correct on my phone! Sorry!

Fahad Naseer said...

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