Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Project Nursery-Recovering Canvas Bins

My Changing table has 3 little cubbies, and it just so happened that I had 3 Cream Canvas Bins that I bought at Walmart years ago. 

I decided that cream bins in white cubbies might be a little BLAH!

So here is what I did!

1. I took the cover off the wire frame.  Luckily these covers are removable with velcro all around the top to hold it in place. 

2. Then I used my handy dandy seam ripper to take off the handles and the tag holder. (This is totally optional) I just didn't want to be able to see them through the fabric once the bin was covered. 

3.  Time to Measure & Start Cutting

I measured the canvas cover and came up with this:

Cut 1 Bottom
 1 Front, and 1 Back Piece

and 2 Side Pieces

 My measurements were rough estimates, and they worked out okay.  They were a little small, so you may want to really measure your bins well to make sure you are getting the right dimensions. 

4.  Next I sewed the Bottom Piece, to the Front and Back Pieces. I used 1/4" seam allowance. 

 5.  Then I sewed the 2 side pieces on. I just started with the front seam, moved along to the bottom seam, and then went back up the backside seam.  The corners are a little tricky, but not too bad :)

 6.Once the sides are on, I tried it on the bin. I put my canvas back on the wire frame and then just place my new cover over top. My covers were made with quilting weight cotton, so I wanted to keep the canvas cover to make it sturdier. 
My original plan was to sew it to the canvas cover, but then I realized that was WAY too much work :)

I simply folded down those raw edges along the entire top opening of the bin and glued them to the inside of the canvas liner. ( I used Modge Podge) They are not really washable, but I have had these bins for like 5 years and never needed to wash them before, so I figure I won't really have the need in the next 5 years either. :)

Aren't they cute?
As you can see, I have already filled them with the necessities.

 You can add handles, or embellishments if you want!

The completed Changing Corner

Now all I need is a little bum to change :)

6 Weeks To Go!

2 comments: said...

I did the same thing for my girls.... and they have that same dresser! :o) The nursery is looking really cute! I love to see a picture of the whole room once it's ready! :o)

kerstin said...

cute cute cute!

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