Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fabric Pennant Banner Tutorial

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Love me some cute bunting.
I truly believe there is nothing cuter than fabric scrap bunting. 

I want to make a hundred of them. In all different color combos. 
One down, 99 more to go!

So, do you want to make your own Reusable Fabric Pennant Banner?
Let's Get Started.

Click READ MORE For the full tutorial with pictures!

I grabbed about 9 different fabric scraps for starters, and then cut me out a cardboard triangle template, about 7" across the top, and 9" tall.

You really can make your triangles any size you want.
Big, small, medium....knock yourself out!

 I folded my fabric, so it was double layered with the fold along the top. (If your scrap pieces aren't big enough for that, just cut out two triangles the same size for each color of fabric.)
And traced my triangle onto it.

 Then I cut that baby out with my handy-dandy pinking shears.
So now there is a fold across the top, and the triangle is 2 layers, with right sides out on both sides.
(This makes the banner reversible/double-sided)

Next I started at the top corner of the triangle and sewed a straight line down the side, and back up the other side, sealing it shut.
 I didn't sew across the top, but you can if want, or if you chose not to have a fold and need to connect the top pieces as well.
I chose to have a fold, just to make it easier.

 The fun thing about this project is that you can make it however you want.  10 triangles, 20, 50!  
Make as many as you want!

I decided to make one side of the banner say "Happy Birthday".
So a little applique was in order.
 I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the letters on cardstock.
No Silhouette? Just print out some big letters in Word and then cut them out.

Then I traced my letters BACKWORDS onto some HeatNBond.
They need to be a mirror image at this step!!!!!!

Next I took my HeatNBond and ironed it onto some solid black fabric.

 Then cut out my letters with some really sharp scissors.
See the HeatNBond still on the back.

 Now the extra fun part, putting it together!
Decide how you want it to all lay out.
 Then iron on your letters.
Lots of heat, lots of pressure :)

Once your letters are on, it's time for the ribbon across the top. 
I used plain black Bias Tape from Walmart, but you can use anything: Ribbon, Ric Rack, or even make your own bias tape using fabric of your choice!
 Bias tape is awesome because one side is a little longer than the other side, making it easy to ensure you catch both sides when sewing it on.

So next, I place my triangle's folded top into the center of the bias tape, so there was black tape on the top of both sides of the triangles.

Just keep sewing until all the triangles are in place!

Ta da!!!

 This banner was a gift for my mother for Mother's Day. She wanted a banner she could hang up for the grandkids' birthdays. 
Awesome idea.

And since it is reversible and doesn't say anything on the other side, she can use it for just about any celebration. 

And if you are sucker for cute Halloween decorations, like myself, check out this amazing print from Riley Blake Designs.

The triangles are already to be cut out and sewn together for a quick and adorable Halloween Banner!

The triangles spell out 
"Happy Halloween"
Love it. 
Totally starting mine this week. 

Happy Sewing everyone!

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fabric-distributor said...
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Leah Duffy said...

How do you keep the edges of the pennants from fraying?

Sew Lovins said...

You can cut them with pinking shears, sew them together inside out (I'd recommend that) then turn them right side out and press or serge the edges.

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