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Easy Baby Bib Tutorial

Pin ItI am so excited to share with you all my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE handmade baby gift!
Easy Baby Bib and Burp Cloths
I love making these up for friends and family who are expecting a new little bundle. 
Making these are super easy, choosing the fabric for that's the hard part!

We use them at our house!

Want to make some of your own?
Keep reading for the step-by-step tutorial with pictures!

Here is the tutorial, and I have included a bib template!

For my template, I simply traced one of my favorite style bibs, and then added about 1/4" around the whole thing for seam allowance. So feel free to measure your own bibs, or just right-click and save this template picture and then print it out on cardstock.
*I also lengthened my bib about 1.5" longer than the template. I like em long!*

Got your template?   Good.    Let's sew!

1. Once you have chosen your fabric, turn it onto the wrong side. Lay your template down, and take note of what side you want the snap to be on. I like mine to snap on the right side, so I lay my template down backwards. Trace around the template and cut it out.

2. Backing.  I like to use Cotton Chenille for my backs.  But you can really use anything, fleece, flannel, minkie, whatever! Just make sure when you trace your template onto your backing, TURN THE TEMPLATE OPPOSITE OF HOW LAID IT OUT ON THE FRONT FABRIC. So when you put them together in the end, both right-sides will be facing out! Don't even ask how many times I have made THAT mistake :)

Side Note: This bib has an applique, if you want to applique something on your bib, now is the time for that step.  HERE is my tutorial for applique if need some help.
3. Okay, now that you have a back and front ready to go, lay them right-sides-together and pin around the bib a few times.
4. Using a straight stitch, sew around the bib, but be sure to leave about a 4" opening on one side of the bib so you can turn it right-sides-out again.

5. While the bib is still wrong-sides-out, cut some little notches around the neck curve of the bib, this will help it lay flatter when turned around.  But make sure you don't cut through your stitching!
6. Turn the bib right-sides-out and iron it flat so it looks nice.  This picture is obviously before I ironed it, it will lay a lot flatter and smoother after ironing.  Also be sure as you iron to fold under the opening you left so it come together nicely when we sew around the top of the bib.  Just fold it under so it matches the rest of the bib and press it into place.
7. Next we are going to top stitch all the way around the bib.  I like to use a zig-zag pattern, but you can use whatever stitch you want.
Start sewing where the opening is, and sew all the way around the bib. This step will seal off the opening you left, so make sure everything is just how to want it to look.
8. Now all you need to do is add your closure.  I love to use snaps, because they are lot sturdier than velcro.  You can find snaps in almost every big chain fabric store, and they come with instructions on how to install them.  Or you can use velcro.  It's your bib, do as you please!

If you used a fluffy fabric for the back, they might need a little lint roller to finish them off!
Sew Cute!
You're Done!

Wrap that baby up for a friend, or go ahead and throw it on your rascaliest child to keep them clean!
I make no guarantees that it will keep them out of trouble though....


For the burp clothes, follow the same directions.
This time just cut a rectangle about 9"x15" and follow the same steps for the bib.
1. Place the two pieces right sides together and sew all the way around leaving an opening at the bottom.
2. Turn right sides out and iron flat.  Fold under the opening pieces and iron them into place too.
3. Sew a zig zag stitch all the way around the cloth, sealing off the opening.
Don't be afraid to experiment around and make a blanket or two as well!

I made one like this last year for a friend and it had a pink chenille back.  
One of my favorites!

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How did your's turn out?
I would love to know!

Happy Sewing All!


S said...

What a GREAT idea! I love using the chenille.

Can you please tell me the measurement of your final bib? I enlarged the template, but my bib turned out pretty small.

Also what is the setting for your zigzag stitch? I like the looks of yours.

Thanks again for a great tutorial!

Mama of 2 Badgers said...

Great tutorial! I'm hoping to make a few bibs tonight (well, sometime this week anyways) for my sister's second child. Bibs can get some hard wear on them, and a few new cute ones for the new baby I'm sure will be appreciated.

Karen said...

What are the measurements of the blankets?

R.Kublick said...

If you stack both pieces of fabric(face to face), you will only have to cut once. And be ready to sew quicker!(plus you will never have one piece the wrong way!) Got material today, hope to sew up a 1/2 dozen bibs and burp clothes for my niece's new baby tomorrow!

Jen said...

Thanks for the great bib template! I used it to make my little man some bibs.

Priya said...

Baby Bibs protect from geeting wet and keeps baby clean and neat while feeding.

Chamy said...

Where do you buy the Chenille fabric. I haven't been able to find it at joanns or hobby lobby and I'm afraid of ordering the wrong type online. I want to make some of these for my little baby girl :)

Susan Seal said...

I buy my chenille at not cheap, but a yard goes a long way. they sell by 1/2 yd also. it's great. 10.5 ounce 100% cotton.

Rob O'Neill said...

Thank you for sharing this with us! The tutorial was great and the bib was perfectly done. And your little model is so adorable.

Tony Wu said...

I am also admired of these kid's clothing and this is exactly for winter days.

Angela Jackson said...

Great bib tutorial. Really easy and simple to follow. I suggest that you make the closure adjustable. Babies tend to grow fast that sometimes the bib wouldn't fit them like they do before.

Ianroniel Baluyut said...

Love it, thanks for sharing, my sister will really love this for her newly born daughter, I'll look forward on making some.

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Wee Clothes said...

Great tutorial! I'm hoping to style a few bibs. Bibs can get some hard ware on them, and a few new cute ones for the new baby.

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