Monday, December 17, 2012

Scrappy Little Christmas Tree Tutorial

If I showed you my sewing room, you would faint. 
My scrap pile is pretty darn impressive scary. I am always looking for ways to make a dent in the ginormous stash.

Here is one cute little project I made with the kids last week with scraps!

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It was so easy, and they turned out extra adorable if you ask me. 

Here's the HOW TO:

You will need fabric scraps cut into about 3/4" strips, a piece of cardstock, and some glue. 
I chose rubber cement, but Modge Podge would be fabulous too.

I had all the strips in a pile and let the kids choose their strips one at a time. We cut each strip a little shorter than the previous. 

This little gal was thoroughly enjoying herself. 

And this dude takes his projects VERY seriously. 

We topped them off with a fabric star. 

Christmas Cuteness and Scrap Bust'n Fun!

I'll be back on Friday with some great new collections to share!

Don't forget that this Thursday is the last day to place an order and have it shipped before the Holiday Break. 

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