Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Halloween Quilts- Which one is your FAVORITE?

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 Awhile back, my mom requested "Holiday Quilts" for her upcoming Birthdays and Christmas's. 
I couldn't have been more excited! 
I had already made her THIS 4th of July quilt,
and THIS Christmas Quilt,
so Halloween was next.  

I made this one first.  I then decided that it wasn't quite her style.

So I made another one!

Two quilts in two weeks, whilst getting ready to move!
Overwhelmed much? 

But I got them both finished, quilted and bound in record time, I took them down to my Mom's this past weekend for her to choose her favorite of the two.


I am not going to lie, I LOVE THIS ONE!  
The blocks look VERY DIFFICULT, but the secret is they really aren't very hard. 

I actually made my own version of a spiderweb block as I didn't want the pieces to match up. 
One of these days I will get a tutorial up for this block. 

My dear-sweet-talented friend Rhonda did the amazing spiderweb quilting job.  

I backed it with this cute and simple Orange Spiderweb Print, and it was ready to go. 

 Then, THIS new collection arrived at the shop....

Quilt #2  Spooktacular

I just couldn't help myself, I KNEW that this collection fit my Mom a little bit better, so I whipped this baby up! I patterned it after THIS awesome quilt by Fresh Lemon Quilts!
So simple, and yet so captivating!

Once again, my good friend Rhonda worked her magic on the quilting. 
Each of the bigger rectangles have a different design. 
Did I mention that she quilted both of my quilts in 3 days!!!!  SHE'S AMAZING! 

and I backed it with THIS print, which is one of my faves in the SHOP right now!

My mom loves houndstooth, so the binding was perfect!

And now she gets to choose......WHICH ONE? 

So I ask.....


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CathyK said...

I choose Quilt Number One!!! I like them both, but I like the first one a little bit better.

Sandy D said...

I think I will choose number 2.It won by only a second look.

Michelle {Daydream Believers} said...

Ooh, I would choose quilt #2. LOVE this style and those gorgeous fabrics! Nice work!

Crickets Corner said...

Number 2.....Love the way you offset the web.

patti said...

I love #1!

SheilaN8 said...

These are both fantastic! I think I would choose the spider web blocks.... But I do love the backing and binding of Quilt #2... They are both incredible holiday quilts! Great work!!

petoskystone said...

This is a tough question! While I like the pattern of the spider web blocks, I prefer the 'Spooktacular' prints!

Rick Wright said...

Both are fabulous. But the second one is looking nice. But both have good fabric prints. We have our Threads of Time, creative sewing & retreat center the best among all quilt fabric shops in Danville. We offer a place of inspiration and encouragement to all who enter our doors for the best quilt fabric clothes.

Good work. Keep it up.

Callin2buy said...
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Callin2buy said...

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