Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cute Little Apron Tutorial

Her pioneer outfit just wouldn't be complete without an apron.
And of course I needed to add pockets for all her treasures.

Here is the How To!

You will need:
1/2 yard Cotton Fabric

1. I opened up my 1/2 yard of fabric and then cut it in half, right down the fold.
2. Then I trimmed a 3" strip off the top of the one of the pieces.  That bottom piece is now the main piece of the apron.

3. Next I trimmed off 2 more 3" strips from the OTHER piece of the 1/2 yard. And laid them aside.

4.  I took the main piece for the apron and hemmed up the bottom, and the two sides of the apron.  You don't need to do the top as it will be covered by the band.

I folded the bottom and sides over 1/4" and pressed down. Then folded it over again 1/4", pressed down, and then sewed them down.

5.  Next, I ruffled the top of the main piece of the apron.  I used the classic, long-stitch pull and gather method, but you can ruffle it anyway you would like. 

6. Now, grab your three 3" strips and sew them end to end making a really long strip that is 3" wide.
7. Next you will fold them in half, right sides together, and sew a straight stitch all the way down the strip, and then sew one end of the strip shut.

 8. Now, turn that strip ride sides out again. This can be tricking with such a long strip. **I get a really long wooden spoon, and place the end of the strip I sewed shut over the handle and start feeding it over the spoons long handle.  Once the right side of the fabric peeks through the end of the spoon, just grab it and pull it out.        Press your strip nice and flat when done.

8. Next I laid my strip onto the top of the apron and pinned it where I wanted it.
 Then I sewed it right into place.

The main piece is done!  Phew!
Now onto the pockets.

Out of the leftover 1/2 yard, I cut 2 squares, about 4"x5"
I folded over all the edges and pressed them down.  Then I sewed down just the top fold over.
Next I pinned the pockets onto the apron and sewed down both sides and the bottom, obviously leaving the top open.  

Ta Da!  

Your Pioneer gal is ready to go.

 Especially with those Little Mermaid socks!

Thanks everyone!
See you on New Fabric Friday!


just jayma said...

We are doing a trek with our YW this year, and I needed an apron pattern, and found yours! Quick question: is the raw edge of the apron exposed, behind the band? Or is it enclosed in the waistband? Thanks so much, enjoying your blog!

Cindy Dy said...

I enjoy reading your articles. You really have a wonderful blogs. Keep up the good work. Thank you also for the information!


Avril Bennet said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful tutorial. Actually I was looking for such steps from a long time. Making this Cute apron so easily, this looks remarkable. Keep posting more such articles.

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