Friday, July 6, 2012

New Fabric Friday

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If you do, then you know that we have carried over the 10% off through tonight!
Sometimes it pays to be a Facebook junky, like myself :)

Here is What's New in the shop this week!

Ah-huh.  It's pretty much my new fave.

Darn those Lobsters for getting my heart racing!
And the Sailboats.....there just aren't words for their adorableness.

It's like I said before....You just can't have too much Nautical fabric!

Next up, for all you Vintage Lovers out there...

Oh good golly, Vintage Santas!
And he's whistling.  My little heart can hardly handle it. 

When I first laid eyes on this collection, I knew I had to bring it in.
I swear my grandmother had wrapping paper in that exact same Santa print. 
(That somehow she used every.single.year.  How did it never run out?)
Magic ladies. Magic. 

Mmm! I bet you wish you had some of it you could stare at all day too, huh?
I am so lucky. 

You can be lucky too, just head on over to the SHOP and snag some up for yourself.
Be it Nautical....Christmas....whatever!
We love it all, right? 

And don't forget to take 10% off your entire order through the rest of today!

code "starsandstripes12"  during chekcout.

Have a great weekend all!

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