Thursday, September 20, 2012

Halloween Banner for $1!

1 Yard Ric Rack:  $0.50
1 Yard Ribbon: $0.30
1 Sheet of Cardstock $0.20
Newspaper Scraps

Step 1:  Print off your letters. I used my Inkjet printer and the CAST IRON font. 
I printed them onto off white cardstock.  But you could print them onto anything you want. 
Cut out your letters. 

Step 2. Then I took a tissue, got it wet and smeared the ink on the letters a little bit. 
You know, make them look old and stuff. 
Step 3: Cut out some newspaper. Any shape, any size you want. 
 Step 4: Plug in your glue gun and grab some ric rack.  I had some black ribbon I added to the back of the ric rack, just for fun.  

 Step 5: With my glue gun on LOW, I added just a tad bit of glue to the back of the ric rack and glued it to the ribbon.  ***I put wax paper under my project, makes for easy clean up!***
 Step 6: Then I got a little crazy and decided to burn the edges of the my newspaper.  
See how cute it looks burnt!  CAUTION! Newspaper burns quickly.  I would do this over a sink full of water. I almost burnt my house down twice and was sure glad I had that sink of water!
Step 7:  Grab your glue of choice, (Rubber Cement for me) and glue your letters on.

Ta Dah!  My mantel looks so much cuter!  That spider was my lone Halloween decoration on that side of the mantel, so the banner was a necessity!

Love the burnt edges! So worth the almost fire!

Here's a backed-up shot!  The kitchen is look'n festive!

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Egretta Wells blog said...

Really adorable. Love the burnt edges, the rickrack, the whole display. So cute.

Andrew Bynumm said...

Those banners are really cheap! For $1?!? Wow, that;s just amazing, and looking at the pictures the quality seems to be there. I can't say enough more good things about this. Love it! I also have some printed fabric banners if you guys want to try them out.

city said...

thanks for sharing.

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