Friday, September 7, 2012

New Fabric Friday


The Cherry Christmas prints are just too darn cute.  Aneela you have done it again!

are you ready for the best news of your life?

Half Moon Modern Chevrons and Dots!!!!

Please tell me you all remember these beauties. They flew off the shelves a months ago and we have all been patiently waiting for Moda to reprint them.  Yippee!!!!  They Did!!! All of our whining and pleading to Moda paid off.  


 We also have some precuts of this awesome colorful collection. 
Charm Packs and Layer Cakes!

I swear, the colors are even brighter and richer this time around. And I don't swear often ladies. 
And that's it for this week!

On a personal note:
I wish I could say that I have been sewing furiously, but I haven't.
Back to school, back to dance and all the in-betweens have been keeping my spare time to a minimum.

But I have been using up some of my scraps.....

Believe it or not, this little Kindergartner had homework the first day of school.
Assignment: Decorate this paper person cut out to look like you.  

You better believe  I wasn't going to let this project go by fabric free!
Love me that Coastal Plaid

Have a terrific weekend everyone!

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